Alisha Perkins on her battle with anxiety

Alisha Perkins, wife of Twins pitcher Glen Perkins, is getting ready to release her book “Running Home.” And despite the title, it has nothing to do with baseball or being a baseball wife.

She is one of the many people who have suffered with the paralyzing grip of anxiety. Even when she knew some of her fears were irrational, she couldn’t shake them. And after she had her daughters, the anxiety seemed to get worse. 

In the past few years, she’s been able to ease all those feelings through therapy, medication and running.

When she went public in a blog post with her battle two years ago, she found out she wasn’t alone and that her admission helped others to seek help as well. She hopes to reach more readers through the book.

“I hope they (readers) know every single person is dealing with something. No one is perfect.  With social media, we all put our best foot forward and really, that’s just a highlight reel,” Perkins says.

Her launch party is sold out this Sunday at Mill City Running, but you can get more information on Alisha and the book here: