Activists keep pressure on Minnesota lawmakers as legislative package pushing policing change is introduced

As the death of George Floyd continues to be felt nationwide, activists in Minnesota are continuing their calls for lawmakers to institute real change to prevent further killings by police.

In a joint press conference Friday afternoon, leaders from organizations like the Council on American Islamic Relations, Black Lives Matter, and Communities United Against Police Brutality stood outside the capitol as part of their continued effort to raise awareness, and transform the state's criminal justice system.

The rally came as state lawmakers held a special session to consider a package of policing and criminal justice changes.

Activists at Friday’s rally said citizens need to keep the pressure on to ensure Minnesota leaders follow through with reforms.

"We can’t stop demanding for change otherwise we will see another George Floyd on our watch," said CAIR Minnesota Executive Director Jaylani Hussein. "So, people need to know that this is the right moment and we ask people all over Minnesota to call their state legislatures to remind them that we will not accept watered-down policies. That we are going to demand for true change and we want that change to be holistic, and we want that to change the entire system."

The rally is just one of a number of protests that have taken place since Floyd's death, calling for justice.

Later Friday afternoon, a separate protest gathered out the Minneapolis police union offices, calling for union president Bob Kroll to resign.