99-year-old Texas grandma hoping to meet JJ Watt

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Asalee Poole, or Mimi as she's called by her family, is a HUGE JJ Watt fan. Mimi turned 99 on December 31 and her birthday wish was to meet the Houston Texans star. It didn't happen but Mimi's family hopes she'll still get her chance to give her favorite NFL player a hug.

Mimi lives in Texas City and one of her three granddaughters, Round Rock resident Lee Ann, says that she's the most selfless human on the planet and supports many charitable organizations. Lee Ann says her grandma is always smiling and lights up a room.

Mimi still drives and loves many things: animals, yellow roses, going to church and of course the Texans and JJ Watt.

Lee Ann says Mimi always watches the Texans when they play on TV and even has her own No. 99 jersey.

Here's hoping Mimi's birthday wish comes true!