7 troopers make Fergus Falls-Minneapolis special delivery to help sick child

Most of us think of the State Patrol busting speeders and drunk drivers. But earlier this month, a handful of troopers made a special delivery that may have helped save a life.

The State Patrol says two weeks ago, a child with a rare lung disease who was having serious trouble breathing was transferred from a hospital in Fergus Falls to Children's Hospitals and Clinics in Minneapolis.

But a disc of image scans was inadvertently left behind, so staff asked the State Patrol to bring the disc from one hospital to the other.

"They didn't want to expose the child to any more X-rays or any more hazards than possible given the nature of his condition," Minnesota State Trooper Jake Anderson said.

In all, seven state troopers from Fergus Falls to Minneapolis took part in a make-shift relay, driving the disc across their district before handing it off to another trooper.

Anderson anchored the last leg of the journey from 94 and 53rd Ave to Children's, much to the doctors and family's relief.

"I was just grateful I was able to help out because if it was my child, I wouldn't want them exposed to any additional X-rays or hazards," Anderson said.

During his year on the road, Anderson has seen some of everything.

But in this case, making a special delivery may have made the difference between life and death.

"It shows the other side of the State Patrol besides arresting the speeders and the drunks. It shows we are out there to help the general public and anyone in need."

While it is unusual, it's not uncommon for troopers to help with medical emergencies.

Since January of last year, state troopers have made more than 219 runs with lights and sirens, transporting blood to critical patients who need it.