Burning Man rain, mud leaves 40 Minnesota fire performers among those stranded

Torrential rain has created thick, sticky mud at Burning Man, an annual week-long festival celebrating art, community and self-expression in the Nevada desert. 

Thirty-eight Twin Cities-based fire performers are among those stranded, all members of Northern Fire Dynamic, which is based in Powderhorn Park. 

"It's a difficult situation to be out there to begin with because you never know what the weather is going to throw at you," said Dave Pereda, a member of the group. He didn't attend the festival this year, but has been numerous times in the past.

He tells FOX 9 that everyone is safe, but they were unable to perform and have no idea when they'll be able to return home to Minnesota.

"I think everyone is doing pretty well right now. We will see what happens on another day or when they are able to leave because that's one thing they aren't sure about...when they are actually going to be able to leave the burn because...it's a sloppy mess right now," said Pereda.

As of Sunday afternoon, organizers are not allowing any vehicles to access the festival, so the only way out is on foot. 

FOX 9 also spoke with Bob Tweedy, a St. Paul resident, who is attending the festival for the 6th time. He traveled to Burning Man with five other people from Minnesota and told FOX 9 they have plenty of food and good company. Despite this year's debacle, he says he will be back next year.