3-year-old left on daycare bus for 7 hours

A Minneapolis mother is outraged after her 3-year-old son was left alone on a church daycare van for 7 hours by the people paid to care for him.

It wasn't until Friday evening Vonnyusa McKenzie learned her son Jaden spent at least 7 hours alone in a van outside of Shiloh Temple Church's daycare, the Stim Learning Center.

"You guys should have called me within that first hour that you guys noticed he was missing. You clocked him in or checked him in as if he was present, but his body was nowhere to be found inside the school. My son could've died," McKenzie said.

Jaden is doing fine now, but he had not eaten and urinated on himself by the time he was located.

"I was crying. The teacher didn't give me no lunch," Jaden told Fox 9 News (with mom's permission).

Andre Langford, of the Stim Learning Center declined an on-camera interview, but in a two line statement only acknowledged a "incident" took place on Friday they reported to the state and parent, adding, "we strive for excellence; however, human errors do occur."

Nikita Shipp worked at the daycare as a driver from August until she quit two weeks ago. Why? Says the daycare is understaffed and downright negligent.

Shipp added Jaden's case isn't the first time a child was left on the bus, and said the very same neglect took place at least 5 other different times over the 5 years her daughter has worked there, but unlike a 3-year-old, those boys were able to help themselves.

"They were old enough and wise enough to learn how open the door and got themselves off and walked in there and said, 'Ya'll left me on the van!'"

Shipp said she knows parents weren't informed about the incidents.

"They sat there and said don't nobody discuss anything that happened up in there or you will lose your job," she said.

The Department of Human Services confirmed an investigation into a report received Friday has begun, but due to data privacy laws could not confirm Jaden's case was the one reported. They added they may issue a licensing order as appropriate to any violations found.