18-foot python found on garage roof in Detroit

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What's 18-feet long, got scales and hiding on top of a Detroit roof? Here's a hint: it's a man's pet.

People in a Detroit neighborhood got quite the shock Thursday night when they saw the huge snake on top of a garage.

Kashires McReynolds lives on Pelkey and E. Seven Mile and took photos and video of the slithering creature longer than most cars. The snake, a reticulated python named Juliet, belonged to her neighbor.

"Everyone kept coming here, driving by, taking pictures, getting out of their cars and video recording," said Kashires McReynolds.

The owner of the snake was at work when he got the call that his snake was on top of his garage.

"I got the phone call from a neighbor telling me that i had a "big ass snake" on the roof of your garage," Devin Jones-White said. "When everybody came out and crowded around her, she was spooked even more with the crowd. That's why she never came down and stayed up there, doing her own thing."

Jones-White said people were throwing rocks at his snake 

"Throwing rocks at something that size, to try to get it down, to try to aggravate it - is pointless," he said.

White had to go up there and retrieve his pet. He says it's the first time the snake has ever gotten out and that a neighbor's dog scared Juliette to go up and out of harms way.

He admitted he didn't put the lock on her cage properly.

"I can understand people's worry of seeing a big snake on top of a garage but she's not going to do anything to a person. She's been raised around people since she was a baby. She's 8-years-old, she's never harmed anyone," Jones-White said.