$1,300 Uber bill for trip she didn't take

She hasn't been to New York City in years, but she was charged over $1,300 for several Uber rides in the Big Apple.

Mimi Daniel of New Brighton, Minn. was shocked when she saw a bill from the popular ride-share service Uber for nearly 115 miles of travel. It included a trip that took someone through Brooklyn and was nearly 32 miles, then a 14.5 mile nighttime trip through Manhattan. That was followed by an early morning Sunday drive through multiple boroughs which went on for 65 miles. All of this showed up on Mimi's app.

"It's disgusting, it's disturbing," Mimi said the fraudulent fare. "It totaled $1,342."

Besides Mimi not being in the SUV for the tour of the ‘City that Never Sleeps,' something else was suspicious. Every trip began and stopped at almost the exact same spot, and according to the app, all of the trips had the same driver, someone with the name "Jackqueline."

"There were three rides, but what it showed was they attempted six. But anytime they got a different driver than the one that they wanted, they would quickly cancel it and request again and get this particular driver," Daniels said.

To add insult to injury, the scammers added a picture of cash to the profile picture on Mimi's app, and changed the first name to Rich.

"So they're bragging that they're making money," she told Fox 9.

Mimi e-mailed Uber, and after multiple exchanges -- never over the phone -- Uber refunded the money, telling her, "While it looks like your account was impacted, our team has investigated and found no evidence of a system-wide breach at Uber."

Mimi still has concerns about the company.

"I used to be a loyal Uber fan. I would tell everyone about it. I just swore by it. Now, I don't know. I don't know who's driving me."

Mimi tells Fox 9 she is frustrated to still not have answers about how her account was breached. Mimi is also upset Uber never talked to her on phone, or told her they would look into how someone, who appears to be the same driver, ran up a bill for nearly an entire day of driving.

Ask whether she would use Uber again, Mimi answered, "had this situation been handled differently, I would have (used Uber again). Or maybe if they would have assured me this is what they're doing to look into it, and these are the measures they're going to take make sure it's not going to happen to other people or to reduce that type of thing, then I would have considered it.

Uber statement

The role and identity of this Uber driver is still unclear.