10' 6" Burmese python captured near Homestead school

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A Burmese python was captured nearby Homestead Golf Course by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Monday.

The Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Venom One Unit was called to 2500 E West Palm Dr. in regard to the large snake, which had drawn a crowd of onlookers by the time fire crews arrived. 

Lt. Scott Mullin from MDFR Venom unit grabbed the snake, which was then identified as a 10' 6" Burmese python. 

Witnesses said the snake had spotted sunbathing by children walking to nearby school, Keys Gate Charter School. 

The golf course is no longer in use, but the proximity to the school was a concern. MDFR said the snake will be turned over to FWC biologists.

"Burmese pythons, famous invaders of the Florida Everglades, although pose little threat to humans, they can take down animals as large as alligators and deer," explained MDFR Public Information Officer Erika Benitez.