Twin Cities behind on seasonal snowfall

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We have made it through January and it’s a good of a time as any to check the snow stick for the 2016-2017 winter season. One would think that coming off of an above average January would mean that our snowfall numbers would be at the bottom of the barrel. Our snow numbers may not be that anemic but we need to see some above average snowfall for the rest of the season or we will find ourselves with another below average snow season.


When it comes to calculating where we stand as far as snow totals, its all in the numbers. If we were at average, then we would have seen 33.5 inches of snow through January. However, when you look at the weather books, we have only recorded 26.5 inches at MSP. That means that we are about 21%, or one fifth, below our seasonal average of 54".


Here in Minnesota, the flakes don’t stop once spring arrives. In fact, we see accumulating snow as late as April, and sometimes May. The Twin Cities has seen some hefty snowstorms in February and March but most of the larger snows occur from November through January.