Smoke from west coast wildfires arrives in Minnesota

A hazy sunrise in Burnsville, Minnesota as smoke from wildfires out west moves into the upper atmosphere. (Cody Matz/FOX 9 / FOX 9)

If you’ve thought our sunshine seemed filtered, and our Minnesota sky hazy, you wouldn’t be wrong. Wildfires on the west coast are producing incredible amounts of smoke that has traveled all the way to our upper atmosphere.

A hazy sunset in Minneapolis Monday night. (Alex Lehnert/FOX 9 / FOX 9)

In the smoke are very tiny particles, much smaller than a grain of salt, that can not only stay in the atmosphere for quite some time, but they can travel impressive distances.

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While the air quality for those on the west coast is very dangerous for some, our air quality is not being affected as of now. The smoke is forecast to stay in our upper atmosphere. Tuesday’s breeze will also help prevent any local buildup.  

Smoke from wildfires out west has led to more enhanced sunrises and sunsets in Minnesota. (Chandra Whitfield / FOX 9)

However, this smoke has given us more enhanced sunrises and sunsets. Because of their size, the particles help block out the blue wavelength from the sun, allowing the oranges and the reds to pass through more vibrantly.