Rockwall kid says ‘Sharknado' helped him keep cool during severe weather

A Rockwall elementary schooler credits ‘Sharknado’ for helping him keep safe during severe weather early Wednesday.

Dylan Clements, 10, lived in one of the homes destroyed by 90-95 MPH straight-line winds in a Rockwall neighborhood. He said when things started to get bad, he thought of the not-so-serious SyFy channel made-for-TV movie.

"Well... duck and cover," he said. "I was asleep and then I woke up to a sound of a bang. And then I feel like I'm like paralyzed of fright because if you heard a big bang, just like 'POW!' coming through your window you'd think like this is the end. And I finally get up and I'm thinking, 'Where's my dog, Bella?' And my mom doesn't even know where she's at. She was found right over here on this road, right over here by this debris."

The strong winds are to blame for damaging or destroying at least a dozen homes in the Dalton Ranch subdivision of Rockwall overnight.

The National Weather Service surveyed the damage and said there wasn't a tornado. Building inspectors have condemned at least three homes.