Minnesota weather: Storms, with hail possible, move through Twin Cities metro

Isolated showers and storms rolling into the metro Tuesday, especially in the afternoon and evening, bringing with them potential large hail, heavy downpour, lightning, and gusty winds. 

Storms should stay in central and southen Minnesota. If you are in the area stay sky aware. 

The high on Tuesday will be around 60 degrees in the Twin Cities. Quarter-sized hail is possible with the more vigorous storms that happen to form on Tuesday afternoon and evening. Storms will kick eastward overnight. 

Wednesday morning should be quiet but cloud cover will linger. It should be dry during the day, but rain will return Wednesday night. The high on Wednesday will be around 59 degrees in the Twin Cities. Rain is in the forecast for Thursday, with a high of around 61 degrees. 

Then it turns blustery for the weekend. The high on Friday will be around 47 degrees. Flurries are possible this weekend, with highs in the upper 30s. Here's your seven-day forecast: