Minnesota weather: Occasional storms with heavy rain possible July 4th

The forecast shows an unsettled mess across much of the Upper Midwest Region over the next two days. 

It won’t rain all day every day, but the chances for rainfall will remain. 

Thursday evening will see marginal to slight chances of thunderstorms across the metro area and much of southeast Minnesota. 

The morning started off with a round of rain before an expected midday lull followed by likely redeveloping, stronger systems in the afternoon.

The forecast shows temperatures will likely stay in the mid-70s on Thursday before dropping into the 60s overnight.  Scattered showers and rumbles are expected to linger throughout the evening. 

Friday is expected to have less rainfall with slightly warmer temperatures. 

The weekend will likely be more calm comparatively, but not fully dry. 

Here’s a look at the seven-day forecast:

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FOX 9 weather forecast. 

From: FOX 9