'Mice' weather we're having

I could not resist the play on words but it is the best way to describe why you might be seeing more of these beady eyed little creatures soon. If you have notice lots more of these critters lately, there may be a good reason.

Our nice weather and lack of a HARD FREEZE, when the temperature drops to 28°, can contribute to an explosion in the mice population. That ground frost, which has yet to occur for most areas, is what normally freezes the homes of these critters. Since the mice still have a nice place to hang out, they continue to breed, and that is significant. An average mouse can have up to eight litters a year with each litter containing 14-16 babies. That is a lot of extra little feet running around.

On the flip side, the extra mice will be looking for a warm place to spend the winter and we’re not talking Florida.

The time is now to make sure you don’t have any small opening to the outside world. Once the thermometer takes a dive, the mice will be on the run. Here is a link from the MN Department of Natural resources on a few of the mice running around Minnesota. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/mammals/mice_voles_rats/index.html

I guess the weather affects almost everything.