Epic rain and snow easing California drought

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Thanks to a continuous stream of moisture making its way onshore across the west, California snowpacks are reaching record proportions. Lake Tahoe is a perfect example of this abundance from above. The lake resort town has seen its snowpack reach 80% of average just 43% of the way through the season. This is breaking records set back in the early 70s. More than 30 inches of rain and 25 feet of snow have fallen in some areas during January alone. This white gold is great news as it will slowly melt in the spring giving much need water to many communities downstream. The pictures of Lake Tahoe buried in snow are enough to make Minnesotans green with envy.


Many areas of southern California saw 2” to 4” of rain just in the past week. This rain is not well absorbed by a region that rarely see more that an occasional rain shower. However, the deluge of moisture is putting a huge dent in what has been a bone dry past 5 years in the Golden State.


Although residents of southern California have not been given the all clear just yet, the drought is shrinking at a rapid pace. The month of December saw parts of California with 10” to 20” of rain.

This rain has to go somewhere, and from the looks of the drought monitor, it’s going to drought relief. Check out just how much of California was in an exceptional drought just last year. Maybe even more amazing, check out the progress made in eroding that drought in just the past week. Its amazing, as the "Exceptional Drought" has been removed for the first time in about 3 years.

With the Pineapple Express in full force, there is no sign of the rains easing anytime soon. It will be interesting to see just how much California’s water shortage improves over the next few months.