Don't get too comfy with the warmer weather, it can still snow in April and May

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While it’s been a pretty dismal year for snow for the metro and much of the region so far this season, doesn’t mean it’s behind us yet.  We’ve had quite the run of warm temperatures over the last several weeks which have really prevented us from getting any substantial snows. 

April isn’t exactly famous for heavy snow, but accumulating snows can and still do occur.  In fact, often enough that the metro averages nearly 3 inches of the white stuff every year during the month.

It has been a while though -- you have to go back 4 years to find any significant snow in April. That year though, the month was the snowiest of the season and broke some records with nearly 18 inches falling over the 30 days.

What you may not know is that there are more than a dozen locations in the country that April is typically their snowiest month.  While January is typically the snowiest month around here, you head west to the Front Range of the Rockies this time of year, and you can run into several feet of snow through the course of the month.