What you should know about irons and steamers

I'm a firm believer that the right tools make the job, regardless of how much one dreads it - easier. For me, I love to iron - after the holidays I will pop in a good movie and iron tablecloths and cloth napkins to my heart's content. Unfortunately, not everyone shares this obsession.

Regardless if you love to iron or it is the bane of your existence - ironing your own garments is more cost effective and allows you to control how it comes out.

Rowenta Precision Steam Station: A heavy-duty, steam-station iron is an investment in your life, period. The proper iron will provide you with enough pressure steam to last you a lifetime, over and over again. Pressure steam eliminates the wrinkles and gives you that clean-pressed look people go to a cleaners and pay money for - week after week, after week. A steam-station iron will also cut your ironing time and give you a professional look. These irons also act as steamers, giving you two appliances in one. $300

Brabantia Deluxe Ironing Board: Imagine a world where your ironing board doesn't wiggle when you are using it, adjusts to fit your height, is wide enough to iron every garment you can think of AND the cover doesn't pucker! No, you are not living in a fantasy, this actually exists. The Brabantia Deluxe ironing board comes fitted with all these options, and even has a shelf that automatically folds down to hold your ironed goods for you as well as a handy iron holder to keep your hot iron at the ready for you! $180

Rowenta Garment Steamer: A reliable steamer that delivers consistent steam, will make your life easier and leave you looking like a million bucks - it will also refresh linens around the home. A proper steamer can remove odors from fabrics and sanitize them. No wait time either is nice, as with the Rowenta garmet steamer, steam starts coming out almost immediately. The holding tank will deliver 1.5 hours of continuous, reliable steam. $180