Make your blazer fit perfectly

Our dressing culture has become more casual over time, but we still have to wear suits and blazers occasionally. And when we do, we often realize just how tough they are to fit properly.

Here are some tips:

  • First and foremost, understand that the vast majority of people CANNOT wear blazers right off the rack. This is a garment that was created in a time when all clothing was tailor-made, and was also created for men! It's more than likely that you'll need to have your blazer altered in some way.  
  • When you're getting a garment altered, buy to fit the largest part of your body (or hardest to fit) and have it taken in. Taking in is much easier than letting out.  
  • The shoulder hem of a blazer should hit right where your own shoulder begins to curve downward. Further out, it's too big. Closer to your neck, it's too small.  
  • Blazer sleeves should hit at the top joint of your thumb when you're standing with your arms at your sides.  
  • A properly fitting blazer will hug the curve of your back without bubbling up.  
  • Be aware of stance: Higher stance blazers button closer to your collarbone and can look a bit dated. Most modern blazers button low with one or two buttons only.  
  • A casual jacket need only LOOK like it can be buttoned - you can fudge it a little so long as it's close. Suiting and blazers should really be able to button without pulling