Katie Couric makes surprise phone call to 'The Jason Show'

Jason Matheson admits to being one of Katie Couric’s most outspoken creepers -- er, fans -- and on the debut of The Jason Show on Fox 9 Monday morning, she made his life with a surprise call during the show.

“Really, you don’t recognize my voice?” she asked

“Is this Katie Couric?” he said, obviously sweating.

“Jason I just wanted to say congratulations, mazel, mazel, good things, good luck with your new show and I’m really excited for you,” she told him over the phone.

And what did Jason say to the icon he calls his “broadcast wife?”

“I thought we were divorced!”

“Maybe temporarily separated, but I think we worked things out,” she rebutted.

As a fellow host, Couric offered up the following advice: “I think you should just have fun, you have such a great personality and I think that’s infectious,” she told him and his live audience members.

Couric actually called Jason on his radio show on 107.1 in 2009, Star Tribune columnist C.J. reported. She even noted he's not a creepy stalker, but rather, a nice normal guy and recorded some promos, including, "Hi, this is Katie Couric, Jason's radio wife. Honey, can you pick up some bread on the way home?"