Finding kitchen supplies for smaller spaces

More people are living smaller lifestyles these days. Smaller lifestyles tend to translate to smaller footprint residences - condominium and apartment living is on the rise. With that, brands are creating appliances to accommodate this trend.

Kitchen-Aid Mini Artisan - 25% lighter, 20% smaller, yet still packed with all the power one comes to expect from Kitchen-Aid.  You can still use all the optional attachments, EXCEPT the ice cream attachment.[KSM3311XHT]-5801096/KSM3311XHT/

Breville Smart Oven Air - I'm not quite sure what this oven doesn't do, yet it certainly replaces most of the work I used to do in my full-size oven.  With convection and built-in light, it can also be used as a toaster.  The new model's interior is wide enough for pans with handles, and high enough to accommodate a loaf of yeast bread.  The pizza setting will give you a crisp pizza just like the pizzeria down the street, not to mention the air fry setting which replaces your deep-fryer and the messy oil involved in that.

Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Iron - Not only does this waffle iron offer up a smaller footprint, which sits vertically for easy storage, it also includes a pre-measured cup that you use for each waffle that eliminates the spillage and mess most associate with making waffles at home.

VitaMix Perfect Blend Scale - Have you ever made a smoothie for one, only to realize you have enough for eight?  With the VitaMix Perfect Blend Scale, simply place your blender jar on the scale, adjust the servings and the scale will automatically notify you when you have enough of each ingredient so you make just enough.  Compatible with Andriod and IOS platforms, it syncs with your tablet or phone.  The scale comes with two blender jars for your perfect smoothies!