4 ways to fill your home with fragrance

There is just something that excites the senses to walk into a room filled with fragrance.  With so many options of how to do just that, here are some of the styles you will find in the marketplace right now.

Wax Melting

There are a few variations of this style available, both are electric. I believe this type is perfect for large rooms as they provide a rich fragrance.

One type uses was blocks that you break up into pieces and add to a receptacle on top that is the warmed using a light bulb underneath.  The bases come in various price categories, some being more luxurious than others, various glazing techniques or the light shines through.  There are probably 100+ wax scents, which makes it convenient to switch out your scent on demand.  The bulbs, when they go out - are unique and can only be purchased by the manufacturer. You need to purchase these products through a local representative, which is easily accessed online. Bases will run you $30-$35, wax melts are roughly $5 and the replacement light bulbs are $5 for a 3-pack.

Another type uses a warming pad, so to speak that heats up and melts a wax cup. A few dozen scents are available, and come with a cover so you can switch out your fragrance on demand and use another. The bases come in two price categories, depending on glazing techniques and options such as a timer.  You can purchase these through a retailer, such as Yankee Candle. Bases will run you $20/$30, and the wax cups are $5.

Timed Room Sprays

A few options here to choose from, this style is best used for smaller rooms - especially those that get little air flow. Both allow you to switch out your fragrance on demand, as well as the amount of scent delivery you desire at any given time.

One type plugs into the wall and provides you with a variety of liquid scents for you to insert. The device itself has three settings for you to choose how much of a scent you want being delivered into the room.  My experience is you need to clean the top off as the scent leaves a little residue on the device itself.  Plug in is roughly $8, scented oils are around $8 for a set of two.

Another type is one where an aerosol can is inserted into a decorative container that is outfitted with two AAA batteries. You select which fragrance delivery option you want - there are three, depending on your preference.  I find the scent more noticeable with this type. Make sure the nozzle is pointed in a direction that will not spray directly on someone as well as toward an open area of the room, as opposed to a wall.  he only downside is I wish the container was more aesthetically pleasing. Starter kit with base is roughly $13, refill sprays are $7

Room Diffusers

I love room diffusers, and the vessels that hold the scented oil come in a variety of styles. I find these work best in smaller rooms with little air flow so the scent can absorb the space.

Pump Spray

Most luxury scent brand have a manual pump spray room scent which is also nice to use when you need a quick spritz of fragrance that will linger for a while.