Zimmerman American Legion Post to build Gold Star Families monument

Across the nation, fields of marble are set aside to honor the country’s war dead, but few places exist for the families those men and women came from. Since WWI, gold stars have been presented to families who have made the ultimate sacrifice. And now there’s a movement in Zimmerman to further honor them.

Communities cleaning storm damage

After storms rolled through Minnesota Monday night, FOX 9’s Rob Olson was live on site to survey how communities are dealing with the damage.

Zimmerman students walk out after student sexual assault allegations

Students at Zimmerman middle and high school walked out in protest Friday morning. Some parents and students are advocating for two students they say were sexually assaulted off campus. They say the student who did it should not be allowed in class. The district says situations that happen off campus are handled by local law enforcement, who are actively investigating the allegations.

Minnesota school district unveils new COVID-19 dashboard

With administrators and families keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 community data rates as the school year progresses, a north Twin Cities metro school district is making it easy, putting its known positive cases on a public dashboard for all to see and access.