Vikings QB Kirk Cousins reacts to Aaron Rodgers’ injury: ‘It’s a tough deal’

The Minnesota Vikings head to Philadelphia on a short week to face the Eagles on Thursday Night Football, hoping to avoid an 0-2 start after a 20-17 Week 1 loss to Tampa Bay.

Kirk Cousins was involved in three first-half turnovers on Sunday, and was maybe most frustrated by the last. He tried to hit K.J. Osborn at the goal line for a touchdown to give the Vikings the lead at the break, but the ball was ripped away for an interception. A visibly angry Cousins was seen on the TV broadcast yelling in the direction of quarterbacks coach Chris O’Hara.

It’s impossible to know if Cousins was upset with his coach, or just mad about the turnover that cost the Vikings a touchdown.

"Just passion and intensity. It’s kind of the way I play the position and that will always happen from time to time after a series and kind of processing it myself a little bit," Cousins said Tuesday at TCO Performance Center.

Cousins was also asked about Aaron Rodgers, whose debut with the New York Jets lasted just four plays. He didn’t complete a single pass, and went down with a left ankle injury. He didn’t return, and it was announced Tuesday morning his season is over due to a torn Achilles.

For the first time since Cousins came to the Vikings, Rodgers is now out of the NFC North Division.

"It’s just tough news. We know the realities playing this position every time you step out there, you’re always one play away from things changing, you know that. I guess it’s just a reminder, I don’t know that we need the reminder because we know. The NFL really stands for ‘Not For Long,’ and you have to fight and work and grind to make sure you’re still out there," Cousins said. "He’s going to fight and work to make sure he’s back. It’s an unfortunate deal, I expect to see him back in a Jet uniform next year playing at a high level, but it’s a tough deal."


Justin Jefferson’s body language pretty much said it all after Sunday’s loss, he was frustrated and deservedly so. He didn’t get a new contract before the season, and is now off to an 0-1 start.

"I’m just competitive at the end of the day. I hate losing, I always want to be on that winning stage and celebrating with my teammates. We were trying to win the first game of the season, that’s not the way we wanted to come out and start the season, just a little disappointment in the way the game ended. Just the emotions running through," Jefferson said Tuesday.

Jefferson finished the day with nine catches for 150 yards on 12 targets. He had seven catches for 138 yards in the first half. He had just two catches for 12 yards in the second half, as the Buccaneers had him double covered. The Vikings also only had the ball three times in the second half.

"I didn’t feel like they took me out of the game. Just the ball didn’t come my way. I feel like I wasn’t really covered that much in the second half to where I couldn’t get the ball," Jefferson said. "It’s just so many different people that gotta execute their plays before I can get the chance to get the ball."

So does Jefferson make an effort to talk with Cousins and O’Connell to get him the ball more, even if he doesn’t look open?

"I feel like everyone knows when I should be able to included into the offense or not. At the end of the day it’s not my decision. I have the confidence in KO and Kirk to draw it up and give me the ball whenever it’s the right time," Jefferson said. "I always will try to prove to them and the rest of this team that I’m always going to be out there giving it my 100 percent. Whenever the ball is coming my way, I’m making the most of those opportunities."

Jefferson’s 12 targets on Sunday were a team-high. We’ll see if they get him the ball more at Philadelphia, as the Eagles' defense will have his full attention.


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