Photographer: Miguel Sano 'didn't rape me, but he sure did assault me'

A professional photographer has come forward with an allegation that Minnesota Twins third baseman Miguel Sano assaulted her after an autograph signing. Betsy Bissen also alleges that sexual harassment she endured while covering the Twins “started off with the first base coach hitting on me almost every game I was at.”

In a letter posted on Twitter, Bissen said Sano grabbed her wrist and tried to kiss her multiple times. She said the struggle lasted for 10 minutes, and he screams for help went unanswered.

“No, he didn’t rape me, but he sure did assault me,” she wrote.” When I said no, it should have been the end of it. He should have respected that and stopped. Instead he hurt me and kept going.”

“Every time I have to hear about how great people think Miguel Sano is, I’m reminded of how awful he actually is and how he hurt me,” the letter concludes.

You can read Bissen’s latter at -- a copy has also been added below for ease of reading.

Betsy Bissen’s #MeToo statement

The Twins organization released a statement Thursday afternoon saying they would have no further comment until more information surfaces.

“Today the Minnesota Twins were made aware of allegations involving Miguel Sano at an offsite appearance during the 2015 season," the statement reads. "The Twins, along with Major League Baseball, take these allegations very seriously. Until more information is gathered, the Twins will have no further comment.”

Former Twins player and current Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Trevor Plouffe later responded to Bissen on Twitter, saying, "I’m so sorry about this. I understand why you didn’t, but I wish you would have come to me." Current Twins pitcher Trevor May added, "I'm sorry Betsy."