Cody Matz

Cody Matz


Cody Matz was born and raised a Minnesotan. Originally from Eagan, he spent his early years becoming a Minnesota sports fan and relishing in all things snow, including the famous Halloween Blizzard. 

He moved away as a teenager to Arizona where he spent high school and the first couple years of college at Arizona State before transferring to Mississippi State to get his broadcast meteorology degree. 

Cody’s first job was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota as the morning meteorologist, but then became the chief meteorologist for over 4 years. 

In June of 2013 though, he finally got a chance to move back to his hometown and join the team at FOX 9 as the weekend morning meteorologist. Now you can see him most weekdays at 11 a.m., Saturday mornings, and anytime anyone on the weather team needs a day off. 

Cody loves all things food, is an avid Crossfitter, and hangs out with his golden retriever named Copper.

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For the first time in weeks, a large change in the overall North American weather pattern will lead to more activity across the central United States. This doesn't necessarily mean more moisture in our neck of the woods, but it certainly gives us increased chances heading through the next few days.


Why sirens didn't sound during Friday's tornadoes in south metro

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