Cody Matz

Cody Matz


Cody Matz was born and raised a Minnesotan. Originally from Eagan, he spent his early years becoming a Minnesota sports fan and relishing in all things snow, including the famous Halloween Blizzard. 

He moved away as a teenager to Arizona where he spent high school and the first couple years of college at Arizona State before transferring to Mississippi State to get his broadcast meteorology degree. 

Cody’s first job was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota as the morning meteorologist, but then became the chief meteorologist for over 4 years. 

In June of 2013 though, he finally got a chance to move back to his hometown and join the team at FOX 9 as the weekend morning meteorologist. Now you can see him most weekdays at 11 a.m., Saturday mornings, and anytime anyone on the weather team needs a day off. 

Cody loves all things food, is an avid Crossfitter, and hangs out with his golden retriever named Copper.

The latest from Cody Matz


Our heat and humidity is likely here to stay

After finishing the warmest June in 15 years in the Twin Cities, we crank up the heat even further as we head through the first week of July and our long Independence Day weekend. While highs in the upper 80s and low 90s are far off from daily record highs, and not exactly unusual around here in July, it will likely be the persistence of these 90 degree temps that will wear us down… and could set records themselves.


It’s not your imagination, June has been WINDY

The really warm start to June may have escaped you, it’s a summer month after all so the warmth is expected, but I doubt the wind has blown by you without notice. Gusty breezes have made themselves well known over the last few days with what has felt like one long never ending gust. While Minnesota is a fairly breezy place, especially farm country across the western half of the state, the first half of June has been a bit unusual.


Summer heat starts Monday

Consider this your A.C. warning! While it’s been nice and comfortable the last few weeks, Mother Nature is about to dial up the heat really quickly. In fact, some of us maybe exceeding 90˚ already by Monday afternoon. So if you haven’t tried turning on your A.C. yet to see if it works, I would give it a whirl because you are definitely going to need it by Monday afternoon.


80 degrees remains elusive in the Twin Cities

Much of the area started our Tuesday back below freezing, the third or fourth time that’s occurred over the last week. But this will likely be the last frozen start to our day for the foreseeable future and is quite likely to be the last until the fall as our pattern shifts going forward. But despite some mild days, the Twin Cities has yet to make it to 80˚ this season, much later than average.


A late season frost/freeze is likely on the way

After a phenomenal first few days of May, the weather pattern across North America is about to change. A cooling trend can be expected just in time for the Fishing Opener and your Mother’s Day weekend that could lead to a widespread frost and/or freeze across much of Minnesota and Wisconsin.


Twin Cities experiences driest April in more than a decade

Despite getting over three quarters of an inch of rain officially at MSP Airport on Wednesday, this April will go down as the driest since 2009. Certainly has been a far different look at what mid spring could look like in the Twin Cities when compared to the last several years. We have certainly seen our fair share of miserable spring weather the last 5 years or so with plenty of late season snow, clouds, and rainfall.