Zebra mussels found in Lake Owasso in Ramsey County

Zebra mussels have been found in Lake Owasso in Ramsey County, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said Tuesday. 

A SCUBA survey by the county found 13 zebra mussel shell fragments and a subsequent dive by the DNR found a live mussel in the lake located in the cities of Shoreview and Roseville.

"Minnesota counties are invaluable partners in helping to prevent the spread of invasive species," DNR Invasive Species Unit Supervisor Heidi Wolf said in a release. "Early detection programs like this one are important, because early detection can help prevent spread to other lakes."

The DNR reminds boaters that whether or not a lake has invasive species all boaters must abide by the following rules. 

  • Clean watercraft and trailers of aquatic plants and prohibited invasive species,
  • Drain all water by removing drain plugs and keeping them out during transport, and
  • Dispose of unwanted bait in the trash.

According to the DNR's infested Waters List, over 1230 bodies of water in the state contain Zebra Mussels.