Winter hangs on with cold Easter weekend

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Opening day at Sea Salt Eatery in Minnehaha Park is usually a sure sign of spring, but this year Old Man Winter seems reluctant to let Minnesota out of his grasp.

"Easter is really early this year,” said Will Ramach of Sea Salt Eatery. “We like to be open for Easter. It's usually a good day for us, so we figured we may as well try you know and we got people here."

Some brave souls decided to brave the elements to sit outside for the unofficial start of patio season. For Virginia Brown and her friends, it’s an annual tradition.

"Honestly it changes every year,” said Brown. “Some years it will be super warm and like the first day of summer and it feels amazing and there's a million people out here and some years its 30 degrees with people walking by and giving us looks."

With a fresh coat of snow already coming down in northern Minnesota and wind chills expected to be near zero across the state on Easter morning, even the Easter Bunny may have to bundle up.