Wingwalker Donut Flight dropped from Fair's New Food list over plastic syringes

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Following an outcry over plastic waste, the Minnesota State Fair is dropping the Wingwalker Donut Flight from its Official New Food List, according to a statement.

As announced in June, an order of the Wingwalker Donut Flight would come with three plastic syringes to inject donut holes with Bavarian cream, chocolate custard and Minnesota lingonberry jam. After the Fair released the list, officials began to receive feedback about the environmental concerns over the syringes.

In a statement Friday, the Fair announced the Wingwalker Donut Flight will no longer be included on the Official New Food List. The donut flight will be still be on The Hangar's menu. Instead of syringes, it will be served on a compostable tray with areas to dunk the donuts into the flavors.

"While we continue to work out final details in the weeks leading up to the fair, The Hangar and the State Fair look forward to furthering our sustainability efforts in the future," read the statement.

In the Wingwalker's place, The Hangar is adding a new food item to the official list: The Tailspin. This dish is described as a "tangy BBQ sauce drizzled on top of french-fried onions and fresh-made coleslaw, layered over pulled pork, elote, Oaxaca cheese and peppery spices – all on a seasoned hash brown waffle."