Who you gonna call? Litchfield family makes Ghostbusters car

In the shop behind his house in Litchfield, Blaine Adams has a collection of unique cars from The Bluesmobile to a vehicle from Jurassic Park.

But you might say he has been haunted by his latest passion project.

Adams came across an old ambulance while browsing through Facebook Marketplace and thought it would be fun to transform it into an homage to The Ectomobile from the original Ghostbusters.

He turned his six-week labor of love into a family affair, enlisting his wife and two kids to give the vehicle a spirited makeover that would make Peter Venkman proud.

"Growing up in the 80s, every kid knew Ghostbusters. Even today, almost any age group knows the movie and the car was almost more iconic than the movie," said Adams.

In addition to lights and sirens, the Adams' Ectomobile comes complete with real collector's license plates with Ecto1 on them, just like the car in the film, which is playing in the back of the vehicle.

They also installed a hologram projector that makes it look like a slimer is flying around inside the car.

"We kind of just drive around bringing smiles to everybody. That's what we do. Everyone likes it. We will take it out for supper. Any small town if they invite us to come over for a trunk and treat we'll take it in. People like to see it," said Adams.

Adams and his family don't just ride around in their Ghostbusters car, they're planning on dressing up as the characters from the movie for Halloween, where the only trick they'll play is giving a treat to the hundreds of kids expected to check out their ghostly replica.

"It's fun. It's fun to get people to smile. That's what we're doing," said Adams.