WATCH: First look at I-85 damage from SKYFOX Drone

The video above is the first look through our SKYFOX Drone of the damage on I-85 from Thursday's fire and bridge collapse.

The Georgia Department of Transportation said it will take at least several months to repair Interstate 85, where an intense fire caused a section of the elevated northbound lanes to collapse during the Thursday evening rush hour.

The DOT said that in addition to the collapse of the northbound lanes, damage to the southbound lanes was so extensive that a portion of those lanes must also be replaced. Three sections of the northbound lanes and three sections of the southbound lanes will have to be replaced. 

Commissioner McMurry said workers have begun design work for the repair project, but it's still too early to tell exactly how long the construction will take and how long I-85 will remain closed in the area.

The Secretary of Transportation authorized a release of $10 million to help advance the replacement of the damaged area.

Demolition of the damaged sections is expected to last throughout the weekend and into Monday.