Voters react to breakdown of GOP health care bill

Minnesota voters are reacting to the GOP’s decision to pull the health care bill, due to a lack of support.

Voters in Le Sueur County voted overwhelmingly for President Donald Trump in November, giving him 61 percent of the vote.

Some say they're frustrated by the news of the health care bill breakdown, but not surprised.

“Not at all, not surprised at all,” said Bobby Jo Davis, a St. Peter resident. “Just kinda is a bad deal at this point in time in my life anyways.”

Davis is battling cancer and sometimes battling her insurance provider.

“I also would like the premiums that I pay, that I've been paying for however many years, to start helping me out,” said Davis.

While she didn't vote for Trump or Hillary Clinton, she still hoped leaders would find a solution to bring health care costs down.

“They should have had it ready, right as they brought it up,” she said. “They should have had it all ready, here we go.”

That opinion is shared by another Le Sueur County voter, Samuel Mullen-Berron.

“Our new president, you know, he kind of came in promising pie in the sky here, and I think a lot of people need to realize you know, that a president is not going to be able to do it by himself,” said Mullen-Berron. “It takes Congress.”

Others in Le Sueur think the whole health care system needs an overhaul much more than what a single piece of legislation can provide.

“Years ago, it probably wasn't as effective due to technology advancements, but you had a higher quality of doctor and it was not about the almighty dollar,” said David Scheiber, a voter in Le Sueur.

Mullen-Berron voted for Trump and is still optimistic that he can help find a fix for an ailing system.

“We need to get it in line,” he said. “We need to get everybody on the same page. We need to get everybody on the same sheet of music, and we need to make sure it's going to take care of everyone.”