VIDEO: Man scales fence at Minneapolis airport

On Monday night around 10:30, a UPS employee working at MSP Airport noticed something out of the ordinary. A man wearing a dark hoodie and hat was apparently looking through an 8-foot barbed wire airport fence and trying to jump over it.

Kevin Jay Bruce Sr.,44, prompted an airport-wide manhunt and apparently couldn't be found for about 5 minutes, but a Swissport Fueling employee spotted him on the opposite side of the runway. Bruce was walking up a ramp near Terminal 2 without a security badge and was promptly escorted to a break room where airport police came to arrest him. Police noted he smelled of alcohol and marijuana and was carrying a spring-loaded pocket knife.

Bruce told police that he had been at the Motel 6 in Richfield, with his girlfriend, who rented the room. He said that he decided to leave "because his girlfriend had been drinking too much, and he did not want to get into a domestic altercation with her." Upon leaving Motel 6, he told police he went to Mall of America. When asked to describe how he got there, "he said that he went south, and walked past the Waterpark of America, and then walked east to the mall, where he got on the light rail to Terminal 2. Bruce said that he got off at Terminal 2, walked up stairs and followed a group of people. As the group split up, Bruce went off through a door and down a metal set of stairs and out a door that looked like a garage door."

Bruce said he saw the baggage carts and began to search for a way out when he was asked to produce a security badge. He denied jumping over any fences and didn't believe he was in the fenced area described by police, where several fresh footprints were located, the same prints Bruce's shoes apparently matched. He has been arrested and booked at the Hennepin County Jail.