VIDEO: Drone spots hundreds of sharks swimming near shore of Florida beach

A man flying his drone at a Florida beach spotted what appeared to be hundreds of sharks swimming near shore!

Garrett Zendeck was at Cocoa Beach last week enjoying the day. He sent his drone up to capture footage of the ocean water – and says he was shocked at how many sharks he saw swimming less than 1,000-feet from shore. 

"My jaw just dropped. I could barely even talk," he told FOX 35 News. 

Zendeck showed the video to some beachgoers walking by and watched as some of the animals moved a bit closer to shore – nearly encountering a few swimmers.


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"Today too, I saw a shark probably 10-feet off the shore. There was a lady and her daughter in the water right there and I saw a shark so I ran up and told them. They got out of the water pretty quick."

Beach rescue says swimmers should always choose a spot in the water near a lifeguard and try to swim in groups. If you do see a shark, experts say to keep calm and don't splash around in the water.