UPDATE: No charges after Amber Alert Friday evening

After a 7-month-old was involved in an Amber Alert Friday evening, Bloomington police have issued an update following the detainment of two suspects:

After the alert was issued Friday night, 19-year-old Sharline Miles was quickly tracked down in a 2006 P.T. Cruiser with the 7-month-old child inside.

Miles allegedly forced another woman out the car by her hair, telling the woman she would never see her child again.

Ishmael McReynolds was buying juice at the Holiday gas station on Burnsville Parkway Friday evening. Parked outside the store was an easily forgettable P.T. Cruiser.

“When that alert came I thought, I just saw a P.T. Cruiser,” McReynolds said. “It just so happened to be the one.”