Unusual home built into hillside hits the market in Wisconsin

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Tucked away on the edge of River Falls, Wisconsin, burrowed into the hillside is a home fit for a hobbit. Recently listed on the market, the unusual home is starting to attract attention.

“Most are stunned,” said Dale Antiel, a real estate agent. “When you see it, it’s unique it’s one-of-a-kind.”

The walls are scalloped, almost like ribs, and the ceiling is curved like an igloo.

“Part of the design of the stainless steel, the arch and the stainless steel is ribbed for strength,” said Antiel. “And then this is just a foam, polyurethane foam spray and you paint it with a fireproof paint.”

The foundation is exposed aggregate and is everywhere throughout the 2,200 square foot home. The cabinets, closets and velvety benches in the two bedrooms scream 1972, the year it was built. All of it seems to attract potential buyers who are very creative.

“We’ve had a lot of artists, people who want to use the home as a design studio and/or as a bed and breakfast,” said Antiel.

The original owners were two professors, who with help of local architect Mike McGuire designed a home that brings the outside in. 

The home is currently priced at $285,000, but the amount is negotiable as the seller knows the house needs some maintenance.

For more information contact Dale Antiel of Edina Realty at (715)426-1515.