University of Minnesota to require proof of vaccination for faculty and staff

The University of Minnesota will require all faculty and staff system-wide to submit proof of vaccination to comply with President Joe Biden’s executive order that requires federal contractors and subcontractors to show proof of employee vaccinations. The university previously only required faculty and staff to attest to their vaccination status.

How is the U of M covered by the executive order?

According to a system-wide message from University President Joan Gabel, "We have completed our analysis of this order and have determined that it indeed applies to the University, which receives more than $500 million a year through federal contracts. This federal support represents the lifeblood of any world-leading research institution like ours. For us, it also supports the core of our mission and involved countless faculty, staff, and students in direct research activities, as well as services and other mission support that make possible the science and discovery we produce.

What is the current vaccination rate?

As of Oct. 22, the University of Minnesota reports nearly 99% of employees and 92% of students are vaccinated, with a combined vaccination rate of 96% system-wide. 

How will the U of M confirm faculty and staff proof of vaccination?

According to President Gabel’s message to the U of M community, "A process for requesting a medical or religious exemption will be available (with testing requirements for those that qualify for an exemption). We are exploring multiple opportunities to make this as easy and efficient as possible and will share that information as soon as it’s available. We sincerely appreciate your incredible response to our vaccine attestation process, but unfortunately that information will be insufficient to comply with new federal requirements."

What is the proof of vaccination deadline?

The federal contract mandate requires covered employees to be fully vaccinated no later than December 8, 2021.

Student vaccinations audit

The university is working with internal auditors to complete an audit of student vaccination status based on the information students have already provided.

U of M students had a deadline of Oct. 8 to submit proof of vaccination or a request for a religious or medical exemption. Student who didn’t meet the deadline faced a hold on their record, so they won't be able to register for any courses in the future until they comply.