University of Minnesota fraternity death 911 call released

Photo Courtesy: Luce, Luze, & Reck Funeral Homes

The recently released transcript of a 911 call is shedding new light on the death investigation of a 20-year-old University of Minnesota student who died at a fraternity house in St. Paul last week.

On the morning of Sept. 13, members of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity found Dylan Fulton unresponsive at the fraternity house on the 2000 block of Carter Avenue.

"We have an unresponsive brother," said the caller. "Um, looks like there was dried blood on his face, bloody nose. We're just finding out."

The caller explains he can't find a pulse on Fulton and he isn't breathing. At one point in the call, the caller asks someone off the phone, "How much did you guys drink last?"

The caller later tells the medical dispatcher "His face, his face is green." The dispatcher then directs the caller and the others in the room to perform CPR on Fulton until paramedics arrive. 

When asked if Fulton did any narcotics, the caller said no and then again asks someone in the room "Was he drinking last night? Hey was he drinking? XX, was he drinking?" before telling the medical dispatcher, "OK, we're not sure if he was drinking or not."

The Ramsey County Medical Examiner is determining the cause of death. St. Paul police say the investigation in the case is still ongoing.

The full transcript:

911: 9-1-1 Where is your emergency?

CALLER: Uh, Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity in Saint Paul.

911: Ok, what’s the address there?

CALLER: 20XX Carter Avenue

911: 20XX Carver?


911: Got it. Alpha Gamma. Ok, and uh what’s a callback number in case we get disconnected?


911: Mhm


911: What’s going on tonight?

CALLER: Um, we have a…one of our brothers is non-responsive.

911: Ok, is he in a room number or anything, or where is he in the building?

CALLER: Yep, he’s in the bottom floor. I can meet you up front.

911: Ok, I’m bringing on a medical dispatcher, ok? Um, they’re gonna ask for the address again.


MEDICS: Fire and medical

911: Um, unresponsive person, Saint Paul Medical.

MEDICS: Thank you. Hi, what is the address?

CALLER: 2060 Carter Avenue.

MEDICS: And is it a house, apartment, duplex

CALLER: What was that?

MEDICS: Is that a house, apartment, duplex?

CALLER: Yes. Um, it’s a, it’s a house.

MEDICS: Ok. And your name please?

CALLER: A fraternity house. XXXX

MEDICS: And your phone number?


MEDICS: Alright, and tell me exactly what happened.

CALLER: Um, we got….this morning…didn’t see anything here. We have an unresponsive brother. Um, looks like there was dried blood on his face, bloody nose. We’re just finding out….

MEDICS: Are you with him right now?

CALLER: Yes, we are.

MEDICS: And how old is he?

CALLER: 19, 20.

MEDICS: And is he awake?

CALLER: Uh no, he is not responsive.

MEDICS: Is he breathing?

CALLER: No pulse. Can’t get a pulse.

MEDICS: (switches operators) Ok, you said there was no pulse and he’s not breathing?

CALLER: No sir.

MEDICS: Ok, is he flat on his back?

CALLER: (Off phone “How much did you guys drink last?”)

MEDICS: Sir, you still there?

CALLER: What was that?

MEDICS: Are you still there?

CALLER: Yes, I am.

MEDICS: Ok, is somebody else calling 911 while you’re on the line with us?

CALLER: Uh, yes…

MEDICS: Ok. Who’s closest to the patient? Cause we don’t need two people on the phone. But we need to get this guy some help.

CALLER: What was that?

MEDICS: Who is closest to the patient? We don’t need two people on the phone for the same person, but we need this guy some help. 

CALLER: It’s just me, it’s just me and the (off phone “Get off the phone!” Ok. I already have them. I already have them. Thank you though. Thank you.) It’s just me and my brother XXXX right here. Both are health advocates for the house.

MEDICS: Ok. Is he flat on his back?

CALLER: Uh, no he’s in the recover....recover rate. 


CALLER: (conversation off phone – mostly unintelligible. “I didn’t pass CPR yet. XXXX did.)

MEDICS: Sir? Sir can you hear me?

CALLER: His face, his face is green. 

MEDICS: Ok, do you think he’s beyond any help at this point?

CALLER: I…I would still come, yeah. 

MEDICS: Well no, we’re still coming sir, but what I want to do is I want to see if you can do CPR to help out until the paramedics get there. Are you willing to do that?

CALLER: (Off phone “XXXX, XXXX, can you perform CPR?”) Actually, there’s two brothers here working with some of us. 

MEDICS: Ok, Does anybody there know how to do CPR or do I need to instruct you?

CALLER: Yes, we…we have two, we have two certified CPR …

MEDICS: Ok, and you guys are performing that right now? 


MEDICS: K. Alright, I’m gonna stay on the phone with you until the paramedics get there and I want you to know if you guys need any help from our instructions ok? 


MEDICS: Let me know what’s going on in the meantime. We need to get somebody to open the door as well. 

CALLER: Yes (Off phone “Uh, can you go by the door? Text me or something when they’re coming. Yes, they’re on their way.) He’s coughing up mucus. It looks like blood maybe.

MEDICS: What’s yer name sir? 


MEDICS: Ok. XXXX I’m gonna let you know when they get to the door but in the meantime, I want you to tell me what’s going on ok?

CALLER: Ok. We have a brother performing CPR.

MEDICS: K. Do you think he was doing any narcotics today or what’r you thinkin’? 

CALLER: Uh, no.


CALLER: (Off phone “Was he drinking last night? Hey, was he drinking? XX, was he drinking?) Ok, we’re not sure if he was drinking or not. 

MEDICS: Ok, you said he had blood on his face. Do you think he was assaulted? 

CALLER: Um, yeah, it looks like there is blood coming out of his mouth. 

MEDICS: Ok, and you didn’t see anyone assault him or anything like that correct? 

CALLER: What’s that? 

MEDICS: You didn’t see anyone assault him or anything? 


MEDICS: Ok. Is the person that’s doing CPR right now doing ok or do you need to help him out?

CALLER: Um, he’s doing ok.

MEDICS: Ok. If you need to, you can put the phone on speaker and put it down and help if he starts getting tired with compressions, ok? 

CALLER: I’ve got you on speaker here. (Off phone “Do we have a pocket mask?” Counting “16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23..25, 26, 27, 28. Do we have a pocket mask?” Go to my car.) 

MEDICS: XXXX, can you hear me at all? 

CALLER: Yes, I can. 

MEDICS: Paramedics are pulling up in about a second, Ok?. Is that door unlocked for us?

CALLER: Yes (off phone, “That door’s unlocked right?”) Yes. 

MEDICS: Alright, make sure they keep doing compressions until the paramedics are in the door with you. 

CALLER: Yep. (Off phone counting “19, 20, 21, 22, 23… 30. You can see how…was next door…”)

MEDICS: XXXX, are the police there with you?

CALLER: No, they are not. 

MEDICS: Let me know when the paramedics are in the room with you. 

CALLER: Yes sir. (Off phone “Want to try sliding that…a lot…left.” Several voices in the background. Off phone: “I’ll get out of the way.”) K. Paramedics are here. 

MEDICS: Alright. XXXX, you can disconnect.