U of M regents meet in second closed door meeting in wake of investigation

The University of Minnesota's Board of Regents once again met behind closed doors on Friday after an investigation involving an administrator was leaked to the press.

The university's 12 regents went through their regular meeting without one mention of the turmoil that has suddenly engulfed them.

All signed affidavits saying they did not leak the confidential matter to a reporter, which means either the reporter is lying or a regent is.

They then went into a closed door session to discuss, in their words, "confidential university personnel matter," "pending proceedings," and "the potential for litigation."

“I think anytime you have a leak of personnel, personal information, there's a potential for litigation,” said University President Eric Kaler.

Kaler said they are worried about the university's exposure to a potential lawsuit.

The investigation of an athletic administrator is attention-getting because it was two years ago when then Athletic Director Norwood Teague resigned in disgrace for drunkenly and graphically harassing employees.

But Kaler stressed since they still have steps to take, including to decide appropriate discipline, they can't say anything.

“Depending on the outcome of the investigation, there are rules about what is made public,” said Kaler. “It depends on the discipline, it depends on if there are findings, so there's a spectrum of information we can release when the investigation is done.”