TSA whistleblowers expose Minneapolis airport security lapses, fear retaliation

A federal agency is investigating two whistleblower complaints from two TSA managers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International who say they exposed major security issues and were retaliated against by their supervisors. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) is investigating the complaints of Assistant Federal Security Directors Andrew Rhoades and Becky Roering.

Rhoades complained that TSA stickers were not being placed on checked bags that TSA had inspected, and that ammunition found at TSA checkpoints was being improperly handled. Rhoades also claims TSA top official at MSP, Federal Security Director Cliff VanLeuven, had accused him of leaking information to Fox 9 Investigator Tom Lyden who has disclosed multiple security lapses at the airport since September 2014. In retaliation, Rhoades says VanLeuven ordered him to be transferred to Tampa, Florida.

Roering's complaint concerned TSA PreCheck and that background checks were being improperly and inadequately conducted. Roaring was subsequently suspended on two occasions.

Roering's suspension and Rhoades transfer have been halted while the OSC investigated the complaints.

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