Three-year-old boy 'fighting for his life' after ambulance rollover

A three-year-old boy, who was riding in an ambulance when it rolled over, is fighting for his life at Children’s Hospital, according to his mother.

Monday night, Alexis Kjornes was sitting in the back of the ambulance with her son, Kayden. She had requested an ambulance to transport her son from Cambridge Hospital to Children’s Hospital. Her son suffers from a pre-existing condition that was getting worse. 

While in transport to Children’s, a vehicle crashed into the ambulance near the intersection of Highway 65 and 109th Avenue in Blaine, causing the ambulance to roll over. 

“All I said out loud right before it happened is I’m going to die because I was hanging upside down,” said Alexis.

When the ambulance stopped rolling, Alexis was hanging from the ceiling and had to detach herself to get out. Kayden stayed strapped in the car seat the entire time, but she says the crash worsened his condition.

“He already had bleeding issues and hematology issues, so I’m just worried at this point if he’s going to make it,” said Alexis.

Blaine police say a 17-year-old Coon Rapids boy blew through the red light and cut the ambulance off. He was cited.

“Inattentive driving, not paying attention to what was going on—I don’t if there was any cell phone use—I’m not sure on that,” Blaine Police Chief Brian Podany.

Alexis is now by her son's bedside, praying he pulls through. She hopes this is a reminder for people to pay attention to the roads.

"They don't think in five seconds you could just kill somebody," she said.

The medics in the ambulance were treated and released.

For more information on Kayden’s condition and fundraising information, click here.