Ted Cruz stops by St. Paul on tour of Super Tuesday states

GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz hosted a rally in St. Paul, Minn. on Thursday as part of his cross-country “Take off with Ted” tour through the states hosting primary elections on March 1, also known as Super Tuesday.

The rally was held at the Harriet Island Pavilion and St. Paul, Minn. 

This wasn't just a political rally; it was a conservative revival, complete with a list of commandments on day one in office.

"The first thing I intend to do is rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by this president,” Cruz said.

Senator Cruz's firebrand conservative message isn't just gaining traction in Iowa, home of the first caucus, it's gaining ground in Minnesota, too. In the straw poll conducted two weeks ago at the GOP central committee meeting, Cruz won by a 2-1 margin over Marco Rubio. Cruz told reporters on Thursday that marks the validation in his campaign.

“I think that is indicative of what we're seeing nationally.  And what we're seeing nationally is conservatives are uniting and their coming together,” he said.

Statement from Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Keith Downey

"I can't think of a better day for a Republican Presidential candidate to hold a rally in St. Paul than after the shocking consideration by the St. Paul City Council of a resolution restricting political speech in their city.  Voters need to realize that the real threats to free speech, freedom of conscience and religious liberty in this country are coming from Hillary Clinton's post-Obama Democrat Party. Regardless of your political or religious views, or whether you support Senator Cruz or not, I encourage you to attend today's rally and send an unmistakable signal that free political debate is alive and well in Minnesota."

Statement from DFL Chairman Ken Martin

"Today, Ted Cruz is hosting a rally in St. Paul that will highlight that the GOP mistakes fearmongering for leadership. Instead of offering sensible solutions that would move our country forward, Ted Cruz is relying on the overused and outdated GOP political playbook that values division over unity. The hurtful, divisive, and downright dangerous rhetoric of Ted Cruz is making our country and the world less safe.  In stark contrast to his polarizing, conservative ideology, Democrats are working together to fight islamophobia and ensure that Muslim Americans have a voice in the political process.

"That’s why I’m proud to announce that the Minnesota DFL created the DFL Muslim – American Caucus several weeks ago. The DFL has a strong history of inclusion that is deeply rooted in our country’s value of free, open, and tolerant societies. Each time Republican candidates try to divide our communities to score cheap political points, they make it resoundingly clear that they are unprepared to lead the United States in the 21st century."