T-wolves' self-styled good luck charm 'Jiggly Boy' ready to rock during playoff run

Whether you were there in person or watching at home, Timberwolves fans everywhere were jumping for joy Wednesday night as the team finally ended the NBA's longest playoff drought with a win over the Denver Nuggets.

A lot has changed since 2004, but for John Sweeney some things are still the same.

"You can imagine when you live in a community people say, 'Aren't you that guy?'" he said Thursday. "Yes, Yes, I'm that guy."

He is, of course, referring to a viral video of himself dancing at the Timberwolves' last playoff-clinching game, for which he earned the nickname, "Jiggly Boy." It's a dance that he can finally break out again, if only for a limited time.

"I'm a little bit overweight, so I have to watch just how excited I get," he said. "But it was a room full of energy [Wednesday night]."

"Jiggly Boy" says he'll be back in action for the Timberwolves' playoff run, starting with a series against the NBA-best Houston Rockets. Every team needs a good luck charm, after all. 

"We'll have our chest painted and we'll be ready to rock when Houston comes to town," he said. "We're doing our homework and hopefully I don't slip a disc."