Surly beer hall closes temporarily after worker tests positive for COVID-19

After a worker tested positive for COVID-19, Surly Brewing is temporarily closing its beer hall.

The beer hall is closed this coming week but owners hope to reopen on Tuesday, October 13.

"We’re continuing to roll with the challenges of each day. We know you’re all going through this too. Thank you for your continued support as we navigate the uncertainty and keep our people safe," the beer hall wrote.

The brewery says guests and employees who came into close contact with the employee have been notified. Surly says its COVID-19 protocols are allowing for brewing operations to continue despite the beer hall closure.

The closure comes after workers in recent weeks have organized a union due to safety concerns during the pandemic.

Last month, workers and the business came to an agreement to allow for the union to be recognized and elections to take place. In the statement on Sunday, the brewing company acknowledges that shutdown could affect the elections but they were working with the union on that issue.

FOX 9 reached out to union members on Sunday but have not yet heard back.

The beer was already set to close indefinitely in November due to financial issues.