Sunday likely to be coldest December morning in 20 years

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Now that the snow is over, we get the COLD… and boy does it look cold.  Cold enough in fact, that we haven’t seen anything like it in the month of December since the day after Christmas in 1996 when the temperature dipped to -27° at MSP Airport.  That was the last time the metro officially recorded a record low in the winter months (December – February). 

Current forecast is a degree shy of the record low for December 18th, but we could easily eclipse that record as well.  The low tonight will be completely dependent on the amount of cloud cover and if the winds can calm enough. 

Under PERFECT conditions (I.E. calm winds, clear skies, and no urban heat island effect issues), the metro could easily dip to -30°.  But rarely are things so perfect, so lows around -20° seem more realistic, but we shall see. 

Either way, this will likely be the coldest morning in years.  Stay warm!