State suspends license of Brooklyn Park foster care where girl mysteriously died

The Minnesota Department of Human Services has suspended the license of a Brooklyn Park foster care where 6-year-old Kendrea Johnson mysteriously died Saturday night.

Shortly before 9 p.m. that evening, Johnson was found hanging from a jump rope tied to her bunkbed. A search warrant indicates blood may have been found in her room and casts doubt about whether a 6-year-old is capable of tying such a sophisticated knot.

The backstory: Search warrant raises new suspicions in Brooklyn Park foster care death

The foster care in question, located at 9266 Queens Gardens N., is licensed to Tannise Nawaqavou.

A letter written to Nawaqavou by Mary Kelsey of the Human Services office says a report about Johnson's death "is being investigated by law enforcement and Hennepin County child protection."

"Due to the serious nature of the report under investigation, [authorities] cannot ensure the safety of the persons served in your program," it continues. "The Commissioner of the Department of Human Services finds that the health, safety, and rights of children in your care are in imminent risk of harm. Therefore, the Commissioner is immediately suspending your license to provide child foster care."

Nawaqavou has five days to appeal the "temporary immediate suspension."