Star Tribune reporter has own 'shiver-inducing' Norwood Teague story

The newest allegation of sexual harassment against former University of Minnesota athletics director Norwood Teague comes from Star Tribune reporter Amelia Rayno. The Gophers beat reporter wrote an article explaining Teague’s unwanted advances, including inappropriate text messages, pinching and grabbing. She says it started back in 2013.

“When former University of Minnesota athletic director Norwood Teague abruptly resigned on Friday and details of the sexual harassment complaints that led to his departure began to leak, some loudly wondered if there were other shiver-inducing tales out there,” Rayno wrote. "Not me. I knew there was another tale. It was mine.”

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Why she didn’t blow the whistle in 2013

“I didn't want my career interrupted because of a powerful man's misdeeds,” Rayno wrote. “It could have forced me to take another beat…to change my career path in a way I never planned.”

The University of Minnesota confirmed Norwood Teague’s resignation on Friday after two cases of sexual harassment were reported by a pair of non-student employees. The incidents include explicit text messages, “physical conduct of a sexual nature” and “unwelcome sexual advances.”

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Norwood Teague's letter to athletics department

Dear Friends and Family,

I wanted to update you on recent events that have changed my career course. Several weeks ago at a senior leadership retreat I had entirely too much to drink and behaved inappropriately and communicated inappropriately towards several colleagues. As you may know, this has and will be played out in the media which is embarrassing and humiliating.

I wanted to let you know as soon as possible and profoundly apologize. This is not a reflection of my character or values, and I have already begun working on my alcohol issues with professional help. Despite the tough situation, I know things will work out in the end.

With wonderful people on my staff at Minnesota, we have accomplished a great deal while I have been AD. However, an Athletic Director’s job is all-consuming, and it has impacted my personal life tremendously.

I thank you for you love and support. Also, I ask for your thoughts and prayers as I go through this transition and recovery.