St. Paul firefighters rescue family's cat stuck high in tree

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A crew of St. Paul firemen took time out of their day to rescue a family's beloved cat that had been stuck in a tree for over two days in frigid temperatures on Friday. 

"The young lady who owns the cat is almost nine months pregnant and she and her two girls were devastated," St. Paul resident Lisa Andrews told Fox 9.

Andrews said she and the homeowner had no luck finding help after calling eight separate tree trimmers along with Ramsey County dispatch and St. Paul animal control.

"We could hear kitty meowing high in the pine tree, the meowing was getting fainter as it had now been in the tree over 48 hours," Andrews said. "It was two degrees outside and getting colder."

Andrews said a neighbor's ladder wasn't high enough, so she drove a few blocks to St. Paul Fire Station 7 on Ross Avenue near the home.

"I went up and buzzed the buzzer, the firemen let me in. I pled my case to them. They looked at the photo of the pine tree I had and quickly agreed to help.”

A crew of firefighters from the station, plus their chief, showed up to the home with two trucks ready to rescue the family’s cat. Andrews said she was standing next to the little girl as the firemen placed the cat into her arms.

“I know these men didn't have to do what they did,” Andrews said. “They not only saved a life by their actions but made a difference to that family and that little girl who sat in the window crying knowing her cat would die in that tree if not rescued.”

Photos provided by Lisa Andrews