St. Paul construction site collapse: 2 workers presumed dead

Two construction workers in St. Paul are presumed dead after a trench collapsed at a construction site Friday, according to authorities. 

Authorities responded to the 700 block of Mount Curve Boulevard in the Highland Park area of St. Paul just before 3 p.m. on Friday. Two people were trapped after a trench collapsed, with first responders working to extricate some of the dirt and soil that filled in the trench. 

St. Paul assistant fire chief Matt Simpson told FOX 9 that too much time has elapsed to rescue the individuals, and it's now a recovery effort. 

"Due to the amount of time that elapsed with getting the trench safe and secure so that we could enter, have crews enter, and not have any further collapse or injury – and trauma to the responders – this has unfortunately moved to recovery at this point. There are two individuals that have perished in this accident, unfortunately," Simpson said. "Due to the size of the boulders and the amount of soil that was in the trench, that would likely have caused significant trauma injuries as well as asphyxia."

A person on the scene tried to get into the trench initially but then realized it wasn't an effort he could complete, so he jumped out of the hole and called 911, Simpson said. 

It appears the two buried in the trench were working on a drain at the construction site, Simpson said. City documents show construction on an apartment building on Mount Curve Boulevard has been ongoing. 

Authorities haven't provided any information on the people in the collapsed trench. 

Rescue teams remained active Friday evening. 

This is a developing story check back for updates.