Some Minnesota cities move to require masks in public places

With no requirement put in place under the state's emergency order, some Minnesota cities have begun issuing mask requirements for public spaces.

The City of Winona is the latest to begin requiring mask-wearing, and more cities around the metro are considering doing the same.

Businesses on the other hand are also taking steps to follow suit, with some posting signs saying masks are strongly encouraged. The Big Thrill Factory in Minnetonka is among those businesses.

"We have a large population that has come and has worn masks, and we really appreciate it," said General Manager Maria Wuollet.

Come Monday, wearing masks in public places may no longer just be encouraged if the Minnetonka City Council decides to make it a requirement for people to mask up when heading into local businesses.

"It’s a little getting used to with the masks and that, but at the end of the day, it is about health and safety," said Wuollet. "We want our consumers and our guests to feel safe and comfortable to come to our facility, and so if that builds that confidence we're all on board."

Beginning Monday, Bloomington will require masks in city-owned buildings while still just encouraging them in public spaces, hoping the state steps in soon.

"Frankly, I'm hoping and actually expecting that Governor Walz will act before then," said Bloomington Mayor Tim Busse. "Having a statewide order is much better than a patchwork of city requirements."

Part of the patchwork is the City of Edina. Residents say since masks have become a requirement there, a lot of people have become much more accustomed to grabbing them before they go.

"We walked out the front door this afternoon for lunch and Natalie had said, 'Mom do you have your mask,'" recalled said Edina resident Mimi Hahn. "And I had to run back in and get it."